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Microsoft and Getty Make Amends for New Partnership


Microsoft and Getty settle lawsuit, announce partnership


Last year Getty Images sued Microsoft over what it alleged was “massive copyright infringement” thanks to the new Bing Image Widget, which prompted Microsoft to pull the widget offline. The company’s have no doubt been feverishly working on the dispute behind the scenes, because it’s now been announced that not only is Getty dropping the lawsuit, but that the two companies will partner “to develop image-rich, compelling products and services for Microsoft products like Bing and Cortana.” No word yet on what exactly they’re working on, but it “will use Getty Images’ latest API innovations and our award-winning visual content to take search experiences to a new level.” (more…)

Yahoo and Microsoft buy more time for Search Alliance negotiations


Yahoo and Microsoft extend Search Alliance negotiation deadline


It’s been five years since Yahoo joined forces with Microsoft in search with the Search Alliance, and the terms of the initial contract mean that their collaboration is now up for renegotiation – or even dissolution. Negotiations are clearly ongoing, because it’s been reported that the companies have extended their negotiation deadline by 30 days to give them the time to hash things out. With Yahoo having lost search traffic to Bing across the last five years, will the company see any point in maintaining the deal? Only time will tell. (more…)

Google Launches Major Push to Get Local Businesses Online

Google Business

Google launches campaign to get small, local businesses online


A new campaign from Google is the start of a major push to get more local business online and, more importantly for the search engine, part of the Google ecosystem. The Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map program encourages small business owners to check how their business appears in Google Maps and Search and, if necessary, update their listings. For businesses that don’t have an online presence yet, Google is even offering a free domain and hosted website for a year to give them a starting push. It’s a clear sign from the company just how important local business listings are for its future ambitions. (more…)

Yahoo Begins to Lose Search Market Share After 2 Months of Growth


Yahoo loses search market share


It seems that the growth Yahoo saw in December and January following a deal to become the default search provider for Firefox has finally slowed and reversed, with the company seeing a small decline in market share over February. After Yahoo replaced Google as Mozilla’s default search engine, its market share jumped to 11.8% in December, then up again to 13% in January, but has now dropped down to 12.8%, with the drop split evenly between Google and Microsoft. Google continues to dominate with 64.5%, while Microsoft holds 19.8%. (more…)

Google Gets Boozy with Cocktail Recipes in Search


Google is your mixologist: cocktail recipes added to search


Google’s ‘quick answer’ and Knowledge Graph results continue to expand, but the latest addition is one of their most fun yet: cocktail recipes. Users can now search for common cocktails to find recipes, preparation instructions and even advice on the best glass to use. There’s an extensive range of drinks available, from a mint julep to a cosmopolitan. The search giant even showed their sense of humour while announcing the service on Twitter: “Because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere: Cocktail recipes now served on Google Search.”


60% of users choose mobile devices for local search, survey finds


A new survey from Thrive Analytics has found that mobile devices have overtaken desktop when it comes to local searches, with 60% of local searches coming from either a smartphone or tablet. This is driven in part by a segment the study dubs ‘mobile fanatics’ – the 40% of the U.S. smartphone-using population shunning desktop devices in favour of consistently searching on mobile. The study provides further evidence of just how important it is for businesses with a local customer base to focus on mobile SEO.


Google get into the insurance game in the U.S.


Google is further expanding its already broad product base with its latest service, Google Compare. The service is starting small, with a focus on car insurance, and is currently exclusive to California, but expect it to expand in the coming months. Compare looks to be an updated version of the car insurance comparison service Google already offers in the U.K., but with only 14 providers compared to the 126 available over here.