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Reddit Makes the News, Bing Adds Song Lyrics and Google Penguin is On the Way


Google Declares Reddit to be Newsworthy


Google has changed the standards for sites to be included in the ‘In the news’ section of some search results, with Reddit notably joining the traditional set of media outlets. A company spokesman told Search Engine Land that they “will be pulling from all over the Web, which means that we will present as diverse a range of voices as possible to ensure we get users the answer they are looking for.” It’s worth noting that while Reddit is appearing in the ‘In the news’ box, Reddit pages are not being included in Google News, which has stricter guidelines for inclusion. (more…)

Yahoo Directory is Shutting Down, Google Launches Panda 4.1 and Research Sheds Light on Online Shopping


Yahoo Directory Shutting Down


Yahoo has announced that the venerable Yahoo Directory is to be shut down on New Year’s Eve after running for almost 20 years. The Directory used to be the most popular search resource on the web before Google came along to take the crown, and many will be sad to see it go – especially with the lack of fanfare the company’s made, announcing simply, “While we are still committed to connecting users with the information they’re passionate about, our business has evolved and at the end of 2014 (December 31), we will retire the Yahoo Directory.” Yahoo promised that advertisers will be upgraded to a new service, with details to come. (more…)

Google Launches Structured Snippets, AdWords Local Inventory Ads Expand and Google Hits PBNs

structured snippet

Google Launches Structured Snippets


Google added ‘structured snippets’ to search results this week. They’re an extension of Knowledge Graph information, but displayed within individual search results. The announcement on the Google Research Blog illustrates the feature with the above example, picking out specs and features for a Nikon D7100 camera. Other examples already found include company profiles, comic book characters, events, places and people. Google cautions that “Fact quality will vary across results based on page content, and we are continually enhancing the relevance and accuracy of the facts we identify and display.” (more…)

Google ‘My Maps’, G+ Photos in Google View and the Custom iPhone 6 Knowledge Graph


Google Releases ‘My Maps’


Google has released a new version of My Maps, which it has also announced is expected to replace Google Maps by the end of the year. The new functionality allows users to create and share their own maps, marking out specific businesses or points of interest; adding details, descriptions and images; and marking out routes. The ability to share maps could lead to new content marketing opportunities, as local businesses create custom maps and routes designed to both entertain and promote their business – such as walking tours including specific shops or cafés along the way. (more…)

‘In The News’ Knowledge Graphs, Analytics Benchmarks and Mobile AdWords Ads Shrink


Google Adds ‘In The News’ Knowledge Graph Box


Google appears to have debuted a new type of Knowledge Graph box called ‘In the news’. It was first spotted for searches for minor celebrity Jill Duggar, and seems to be triggered by searches for people that are appearing in news stories but aren’t themselves notable enough for their own Wikipedia articles, leading some to call it the ‘B-List Celebrity Knowledge Graph’. (more…)