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New Google AdWords call tracking, Close Variant Matching and Greggs Knowledge Graph Calamity


Google Launches Website Call Conversions Tracking for AdWords


Google added a big new feature to AdWords this week: website call conversions. With a code snippet added to your site, Google can now track when users either click on your phone number or dial it directly, so you can track which users are making calls and which ads are driving them. You can assign different values to calls from different pages of your site and learn not only which ads and keywords drive the most calls, but which drive the most valuable ones too. For businesses that place a high value on customers calling in, this could be a game changer. (more…)

Google Testing ‘Listen Now’, Fighting Bad Mobile Redirects and Bing Adds Conversational Search


Google Tests ‘Listen Now’ Links for Music Searches


Google has announced that it’s testing the inclusion of ‘Listen Now’ links in the Knowledge Graph for searches for musicians. The ads include links to Google Play, Rhapsody, Spotify and Beats Music, and perhaps other services too. The Wall Street Journal reported the news, and say that according to a source the ads are performing well. “We’re happy to help users quickly find legitimate sources for their favorite movies, music and more via Google search,” a Google spokesperson said. “As always, the ads are ranked according to a variety of factors, including: bid, relevance, and click-through rate.” (more…)

Google Rank by HTTPS & Launch News Publisher Centre, Wikimedia Attacks Right to be Forgotten


Google Makes HTTPS/SSL a Ranking Signal


Google announced this week that sites would now get a ranking boost for using HTTPS/SSL in a bid to promote online security. They made it clear that it’s “only a very lightweight signal” that would affect fewer than 1% of global queries, so this isn’t about to transform SERPs. However, they’ve said that this is mainly to give webmasters time to make the switch, and that over time they “may decide to strengthen it,” in order to “encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web.” If you’re considering making the switch to HTTPS in the wake of this update, Google’s blog post announcing the change has tips and advice for adding HTTPS to your site that are definitely worth a look at. (more…)

Analytics iPhone App Released, Product Ratings Added to Google Adwords and a ‘Google Tax’ in Spain.

Product ratings

Google Analytics iPhone App Released


There’s been an Android app for a number of years, but Google has finally released an iOS version of Google Analytics. This should be great news for any site owners, managers and marketers who own iPhones and want to be able to keep up with their site’s stats on the go, or just carry out some extra analysis on the way home from work. The new app has received early praise, using a variety of charts and graphs to display Analytics’ complex data in a way better suited to the small screen. It’s lacking a number of account tools, and some of the more complex reports available on the desktop site, but by all accounts the new iPhone app is a slick and useful way to stay on top of your site’s stats when the desktop just isn’t an option. (more…)

Google Pigeon Update Launched, 100,000 Links Removed for Right to Be Forgotten, and the ‘Let Me Google That For You’ Act.

google-pigeon-1406316482Welcome to a brand new regular feature on the Market Appeal blog: a weekly roundup of everything that you need to know about the world of SEO.

Google Pigeon Search Algorithm Update


This week saw a new update to the Google search algorithm, this time targeting local searches. Google didn’t give this one a name, but Pigeon seems to have stuck as the update’s nickname. People are still sorting through the larger effects of the update, but already they’ve seen boosts to directory sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and OpenTable on searches for local restaurants and the like. Google have also fixed an issue that saw Yelp accuse them of manipulation: previously a search for a restaurant name followed by ‘yelp’ frequently gave the restaurant’s homepage as the first result – complete with links to the Google+ page, Google user reviews and more. Now Yelp results top the results when their name is included in the query. We’re still waiting to see whether there will be broader ranking changes as a result of Pigeon, but expect to hear more soon.


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