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‘In The News’ Knowledge Graphs, Analytics Benchmarks and Mobile AdWords Ads Shrink


Google Adds ‘In The News’ Knowledge Graph Box


Google appears to have debuted a new type of Knowledge Graph box called ‘In the news’. It was first spotted for searches for minor celebrity Jill Duggar, and seems to be triggered by searches for people that are appearing in news stories but aren’t themselves notable enough for their own Wikipedia articles, leading some to call it the ‘B-List Celebrity Knowledge Graph’. (more…)

Google Improves Sitelinks Search, Getty Sue Microsoft and Facebook Tests Mobile Search

sitelinks search box

Google Improves SERP Search Box


It might not be unusual to report that Google has made changes to search, but this time is slightly different – Google has updated the sitelinks search box which appears within results, offering search options for specific domains. The search box has now been moved above the sitelinks to make it more prominent and has autocomplete enabled. Perhaps most exactly, Google now promise that with the right markup, you can set the search box to direct users straight to your own site’s search pages, rather than keeping them within Google, getting them onto your site and looking at your content sooner. (more…)

Google Authorship Out of Search, Old Browsers get Old Google and Bing Moves to Close Variants


Google Drops Authorship From Search Results


After previously removing author images from search results, Google has now also dropped bylines, removing authorship entirely from search results. This is effectively the end of Google Authorship. Google’s support page simply says, “Authorship markup is no longer supported in web search.” Google’s John Mueller explained that it was a “difficult decision,” but that authorship “isn’t as useful to our users as we’d hoped, and can even distract from those results.” Google are still encouraging webmasters to use rich snippets to improve their presence in search results pages, however. (more…)

New Google AdWords call tracking, Close Variant Matching and Greggs Knowledge Graph Calamity


Google Launches Website Call Conversions Tracking for AdWords


Google added a big new feature to AdWords this week: website call conversions. With a code snippet added to your site, Google can now track when users either click on your phone number or dial it directly, so you can track which users are making calls and which ads are driving them. You can assign different values to calls from different pages of your site and learn not only which ads and keywords drive the most calls, but which drive the most valuable ones too. For businesses that place a high value on customers calling in, this could be a game changer. (more…)

Google Testing ‘Listen Now’, Fighting Bad Mobile Redirects and Bing Adds Conversational Search


Google Tests ‘Listen Now’ Links for Music Searches


Google has announced that it’s testing the inclusion of ‘Listen Now’ links in the Knowledge Graph for searches for musicians. The ads include links to Google Play, Rhapsody, Spotify and Beats Music, and perhaps other services too. The Wall Street Journal reported the news, and say that according to a source the ads are performing well. “We’re happy to help users quickly find legitimate sources for their favorite movies, music and more via Google search,” a Google spokesperson said. “As always, the ads are ranked according to a variety of factors, including: bid, relevance, and click-through rate.” (more…)